EGO POWER+ 320W Charger

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The EGO POWER+ 320W Charger monitors and controls each cell in the battery pack to control temperature for maximum battery life.

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  • Complies with CEC requirements
  • All charge time are approximate and from zero to full charge as follows:
    • 2.5 Ah Battery: 30-minutes
    • 4.0Ah Battery: 55-minutes
    • 5.0 Ah Battery: 70-minutes
    • 7.5 Ah Battery: 100-minutes
    • 10.0 Ah Battery: 135-minutes
    • 12.0 Ah Battery: 160-minutes

  • Fan Cooled Charging System: Prevents the battery and charger from overheating
  • Integrated Fuel Gauge: Shows how much power is left in the battery
  • Charges all EGO POWER+ Batteries
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty